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The International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI) is a non-profit, non government organization that was formed in 1992 by the founder Ms Diana Abruzzi

The organization was formed to meet the emerging needs of women in business and in recognition of their increasing contribution to the world of commerce, the community and to government.  The organization is in the forefront of promoting women in these areas, cementing their role as decision-makers, furthering international co-operation and shaping the economic role of women.

IWFCI has long realized the enormous potential of international Trade for small to medium enterprises (SME’s) and with its mandate to assist in the economic development of women and its commitment to open up the trade routes for women across the Asia Pacific creating a borderless world for women in trade.  To further this initiative IWFCI has established Branches and affiliates in China, USA, Korea, India, Singapore and Russia 


One day all women despite their location or circumstances can live and work in dignity and self-esteem, having equal opportunity for economic freedom and well being, for both women and their dependents.


Our mission is to support women despite origin, religion or culture through education, encouragement and representation, for the development of the individual in a conducive environment, to enable economic opportunities, advancement and security.


The worlds first International Women’s Chamber of Commerce And Australia’s only dedicated Women’s Chamber of Commerce


The organisation has the support of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and Austrade which have provided additional networks for IWFCI members overseas. The IWFCI is committed to fostering business opportunities for Women throughout the silk roads of trade within the Asia Pacific region.


China, India, Russia, USA, Singapore, Korea, MOU awaiting to be signed with the Philippines
The organisation is at the forefront of promoting women in these areas, cementing their role as decision-makers, furthering international co-operation and shaping the future of Australian Business Women in the region. The Melbourne office is the headquarters for the national and international operations of IWFCI.


Breakthroughs in technology, shifts in organisational structures and lifestyle choices have given women a greater flexibility with respect to their careers. Women in small business have contributed significantly not only to the GDP growth, but also to the employment growth in the past decade. Within APEC, SME’s make up 95% of all enterprises and provide 32 to 84% of employment. These trends have strengthened the contribution of women to the global economy.

The IWFCI has recognises these accelerating social and technological changes. We are building a strong network that will focus on business growth for our members through training, advisory services and most importantly - through facilitating business opportunities both in Australia and globally.

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